Fragile Nature

Artists Donate for Ukraine

Yuri Brodsky – Cologne/Ukraine – Photography, Andrea Morein – Berlin – Hybrid Photography, Drawing,

Adi Oz-Ari – Tel Aviv – Cyanotyps, Ulrich Werner – Berlin – Drawings


Duration of the exhibition February 10 - March 11, 2023

25 February 4 – 6 pm Presentation of the work of Be an Angel e.V. with Clementine Kuckei

Now that this unspeakable war in Ukraine has been ravaging the country and the people there for a year, I no longer want to be just a spectator and occasional donor.

With my project space Odalisque I would like to make a contribution – no matter how modest – and organize a call for donations as an exhibition project together with three fellow artists. We will donate 60% of the proceeds from the sales of the exhibition to the Berlin aid organization Be an Angel.e.V. for generators.


I would like to thank Clementine Kuckei that she will personally report on the work of the association on February 25th between 4pm and 6pm in a special event.


For Fragile Nature, we present a selection of works which essentially show the fragile, the vulnerable in human experience -  also relating to the fragile aspects of nature. The title of the exhibition could have been The Nature of Human Fragility, but I was looking for a more open field of reference.


Yuri Brodsky was born in the Ukraine, lives in Cologne and has been dealing with filigree flower still lifes for years, which he captures in photographs. Adi Oz-Ari, knows war, trauma and loss from the Israeli perspective and intimately visualizes these experiences in various printing techniques. In his drawings of natural phenomena, Ulrich Werner senses the connections between the elements in the finest, freest lines. Andrea Morein added her digital processing of lily pollen drawings into 'hybrid photographs' and her 'January drawings'.


Please support this project by purchasing smaller or larger works from the exhibition at 'friendly' prices. The terror that people in Ukraine continue to experience every day seems to have less and less impact on us, giving way to an all too human complacency. It is now all the more important not to let up in our help and attention!


Yuri Brodsky (1958 Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) lives and works as a freelance photo artist, photographer and cameraman in Cologne. As a visual artist he exhibited in Germany, Ukraine, Russia, USA. Brodsky is a member of the European Association of Visual Artists from the Eifel and Ardennes (EVBK).

The main theme of his work is the study of the art of calligraphy as a creative method applicable to photography, allowing the construction of new visual interactions. His photographic series are mainly in the tradition of the still life - also called Nature Morte.


Adi Oz-Ari lives and works in Tel Aviv. Graduated at Hamidrasha School of Art in 2012. Holds an MFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in 2015. Since 2021 she divides her time between Berlin and Tel Aviv. She participated in the Glogauer residency program and since then in various groups shows and a solo exhibition in Berlin. In Tel Aviv, her work was featured in  various one- and two-person exhibitions, among them at the Photo Lab Gallery, The Lobby Art Space and Indie Photography Group Gallery.

Oz-Ari engages mainly in printmaking, photographic installations exploring the effects of medium transitions on the image using scans, digital processing, photographic readymades, X-rays, cyanotype. Her work deals with the manifestation of mental and physical relationship to experiences such as pain and loss. 


Andrea Morein, born in Vienna in 1950; since 2020 back in Berlin after stations in Tel Aviv, Java, Amsterdam & Cologne. Interdisciplinary artist & curator with a focus on embodied arts, collage, photography, gestural drawing. She examines how personal experience of one's history can be expanded & embedded in a larger context of community and historicity. Another aspect of her artistic & curatorial practice is the visual transcription of literary texts as well as exploring the interconnectedness in human & spatial relationships. 

Exhibition activities since 1997, i.e. the Jewish Museum Vienna, KunstMuseum Bochum, Roman-Germanic Museum, Cologne, Kibbutz Gallery & Artists House Tel Aviv, Museolaboratorio, Citta S. Angelo, Frauenmuseum Bonn. 2021 curation and participation in 'M-bodi-ment-A' group exhibition in the project space of the Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin.


Ulrich Werner, born in Rendsburg in 1949, has lived in Berlin since 1972, where he studied Slavic Studies and Political Science. From 1980 -1985 he worked at the East European Institute of the Free University  (research, teaching, translations from Russian). - Artistic activity since 1985/86, largely as an autodidact. From 1987 exhibitions, mainly in Germany, Austria and Russia. 

Exhibitions (selection): Scanart gallery, avant-garde gallery Natan Fedorowski, Kutscherhaus, Berlin; Europe House on Lake Baikal Irkutsk; Brockstedt Gallery, Inga Kondeyne Gallery, Berlin; artmark gallery, Museum of Natural History, Vienna; M-bodi-ment-A, Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin. 

In his drawings and pictures, which seem graphic and reduced, Ulrich Werner explores the life of forms, first and foremost in nature: the appearance of form, of forms and patterns, their emergence as well as their dissolution in the process of the rhythms of the micro- and macrocosm, most recently under the title “Figures of Becoming”.