Andrea Morein – Works from the Brodskij Cycle

Photography I Drawing


Duration of the exhibition 24 March – 29 April 2023

Saturday, 22 April 4 pm Alexandru Bulucz and Andrea Morein read selected poems by Alexandru Bulucz and Joseph Brodskij

The exhibition shows a selection from a cycle of work that I started back in 2007. Two lines from a poem by Joseph Brodskij serve here as a title or motto. In this 'war year' I wanted to review and re-assess the works and present them in an actualized version.


The current presentation was created in dialogue with my individual reading of poems and text passages by Joseph Brodsky. His demure, often philosophically influenced poems speak of the transience of our lives, of the loneliness of exile, of desperate longings. He often accuses the reality he perceives of mendacity or exposes it with ironic acumen. All in all, the tone is often somber.


My reaction to reading his texts created a visual language of its own, creating visual forms out of letters. I have constructed an ‘Architecture of Memory’ that inscribes itself in familiar rooms through the arrangement of the pieces of furniture or the way the light is flooding the room from certain windows. These ‘spaces of memory’ are often associated with reading certain authors, whose words add an additional layer to things. Photographs of stools and sun shadows from the windows as patterns on the wooden floor appear transformed into floating objects and - in a more abstract series of drawings - transformed into 'Ovals and Grids'.


The project explores different perspectives and modalities of seeing reality; of fullness, structure, remembered places and ultimately of emptiness - the absence of things, of people, of attachment… What is real and what appears so? How do I deal with questions of depiction?


‘An image of reality is also an image of an image of reality…’, a motto I have often used to describe my works in the past. From my point of view, Brodskij's observations and his handling of the world illuminates precisely such aspects.


As part of the exhibition, there will be a reading to which I have invited the poet Alexandru Bulucz. He will read his own poems and together we will read a selection of Brodskij's poems.

Work list


  • aus der Fotoserie 'Studio Seven'
    Lambdaprints auf Dibont kaschiert
    Diptychon, Edition 3/3 + 1 A.P. , je 45 x 60 cm
  • Shadow Drawings
    Markerzeichnung auf Transparentpapier, 70 x 50 cm Querformat
    Markerzeichnung auf Kristallpaier, 60 x 80 cm Hochformat
  • Stanzas
    Marker auf Kristallpapier, 70 x 50 cm, 2-lagig, Querformat


  • Nature Morte
    Marker auf Transparentpapier, je 25 x 31 cm 2-lagig (5 Blätter)
  • 4 Unikate aus dem Künstlerbuch 'the poet's mind is an organ of seeing'
    Digitale Fotos auf Hahnemühlenpapier, je 30 x 42 cm

Rechte Wand

  • 'Ovals & Grids'
    Markerzeichnungen auf Transparentpapier
  • Dinge bewegen sich nicht..., 60 x 45 cm Hochformat
  • Im Inneren der Dinge ist Staub..., 54 x 35 cm Querformat
  • o.T., 40 x 30 cm Hochformat
  • zittriger Hand..., 40 x 50 cm Hochformat
  • Die Kommoden 1 & 2
    Micrography, Marker auf Transparentpapier, 2-lagig, 60 x 80 cm
  • New Life
    Marker auf Transparentpapier, 30 x 20 cm Hochformat
  • Vertical/Horizontal
    Marker auf Transparentpapier 30 x 20 cm 3-lagig, Hochformat
  • CrissCross
    Marker auf Transparentpapier, 28 x 20 cm, 2-lagig, Hochformat



Andrea Morein, born in Vienna in 1950; since 2020 back in Berlin after stations in Tel Aviv, Java, Amsterdam & Cologne. Interdisciplinary artist & curator with a focus on embodied arts, collage, photography, gestural drawing. She examines how personal experience of one's history can be expanded & embedded in a larger context of community and historicity. Another aspect of her artistic & curatorial practice is the visual transcription of literary texts as well as exploring the interconnectedness in human & spatial relationships. 

Exhibition activities since 1997, i.e. the Jewish Museum Vienna, KunstMuseum Bochum, Roman-Germanic Museum, Cologne, Kibbutz Gallery & Artists House Tel Aviv, Museolaboratorio, Citta S. Angelo, Frauenmuseum Bonn. 2021 curation and participation in 'M-bodi-ment-A' group exhibition in the project space of the Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin.


Joseph Brodskij, 1940 Leningrad - 1996 New York; As a young man, Brodskij was a rebel. He did not want to bow to the Soviet social order and was finally 'released' to go abroad after five years of forced labor in 1972. He taught and lived in the USA until his death from a heart-attack. In 1987, he became the recipient of the Nobel Prize for literature. After the end of the Sowjet regime in 1991, he never wanted to return to his native country and so he never saw his parents again alive. He loved architecture, especially facades of old buildings, which influenced much of his writing. He is buried in Venice.


Alexandru Bulucz, born in 1987 in Alba Iulia; spent his childhood in Romania and has lived in Germany since his youth. He is a freelance writer, translator, critic and editor. For his poetry he was awarded, among others, the Wolfgang-Weyrauch-Förderpreis at the Literary March (2019), for his prose the Deutschlandfunk-Preis at the Bachmannwettbewerb (2022).