ODALISQUE – space for art and embodiment presents group and solo exhibitions by international artists; interdisciplinary art projects related among others to literature, language, dance & performance. The focus is on 'embodied arts' – process and body-based projects.


The project space ODALISQUE was founded at the end of 2020. The small shop in Charlottenburg's Goethestrasse is designed as a salon gallery. The space is furnished with a chaise longue and a bookshelf, emphasizing the rather intimate character and inviting visitors to linger – which the name ODALISQUE also evokes... 


As early as 2009, I organized an 'oriental-style' Odalisque festival in my Cologne studio at the time with the guests resting on cushions on the floor; a bit like Matisse's Odalisque paintings... Now the original idea has been taken up again and further developed into a new format as a space for art and embodiment.


Andrea Morein