Odalisque Berlin

Space for art and embodiment

...presents group and solo exhibitions by international artists; interdisciplinary art projects related among others to literature, language, dance & performance. The focus is on 'embodied arts' – process and body-based projects.

Summer break from July 2024


OFFERINGS – Three days of embodied arts – Performance, Video, Ritual

A preview of some participating projects. More details and dates to be announced…

Shumba ya Mukwashi

film by Bob Coen

The song by Zimbabwean Mbira maestro Chartwell Dutiro, is a prayer for guidance from the ancestors during troubled times

Ritual Feast of Water

for World Habitat Day by Urban Poor Consortium

filmed documentation of interreligious performance ritual in Jakarta, Oct. 2003

I will meet you there

film by Karolina Niduza, 2022, UK

Mama Merasses – 1995/2024

video & performance by Ziv Frenkel 

Fire Dance

filmed performance by Abi Tariq