a ‘Physical Ritual’ with Ziv Frenkel and Florian Tippe

Saturday 10th September 8.30 –10.30 p.m 

followed by an artist talk & discussion 

The choreographic starting point for encoding><decoding is the act of walking – one step forward follows the next. This step forward is for a brief moment not only part of the present, but also symbolises the endless movement ><forward towards an inevitable future. A step into a future that is waiting to become part of the present and immediately thereafter part of a past – steps that leave a past behind as they move one from the present into the future, always bearing within them the potential to become part of future memories. For “encoding><decoding“ Ziv Frenkel collaborates with musician and sound designer Florian Tippe, who for the sound design will work with live recordings from the installation space.


Steps of the remembrance process can be described as Encoding and Decoding. Encoding refers to the process of transforming what is perceived and experienced into a form that makes it possible for the individual to remember it. The experienced can be recalled or decoded at a later point in time and can thus be re- experienced. The weekly repetitive ritual of Shabbat evening prayer with its physical and sensual experience can also be transformed and encoded into a memory. Thus, the act of remembering creates a complex network of connections between past, present and future. 


Ziv has created a new version for the ODALISQUE by integrating the original work screened as a video, entering into a dialogue between the orginal material and the live performance, adding layers to the work like a palimpsest. For ‘encoding><decoding‘ he collaborates with the musician and sound-designer Florian Tippe who will bulid new accoustic layers interacting with the concrete sounds during the performance. 


Idea, Choreography: Ziv Frenkel

Sounddesign: Florian Tippe

Premiere: 28. April 2021, Schwankhalle Bremen

Ziv Frenkel, born 1962 in Beit-Alfa, Israel. He was a member of the Kibbutz Dance Company Israel from 1988 to 1995 under the artistic direction of Yehudit Arnon. He was a member of the ensemble at the Bremer Tanztheater under Susanne Linke from 1995 to1999, and from 1999 to 2008 was a member of the choreographic theater by Johann Kresnik at the Volksbühne Berlin and at the Theater Bonn. He co-founded the steptext dance project in Bremen in 1996. He has worked closely with choreographer and stage director Rosamund Gilmore since 2010. He has worked on multiple cross-disciplinary productions of his own choreographies. He has collaborated with Yoshiko Waki (bodytalk Münster), Helge Letonja (steptext dance project Bremen, sound designer Florian Tippe, stage director Sebastian Bauer, artist Christoph Dahlhausen, photographer Axel Largo and Pedro Malinowski. Since 2022  Ziv has joined the ensemble of Dance On Company.



Florian Tippe, after studying classical music at the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK), playing in all kinds of rock bands and classical ensembles and studying free improvisation at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, I now produce and compose music and sounds for film, animation, theatre, dance and multimedia in my own recording studio.