Citron Variations

Drawing – Collage – Photography

Andrea Morein

9 April– 30 June, 2021

Despite the pandemic and its limitations regarding visiting condition, I am pleased to invite you to my second presentation at my showroom. These first  two presentations are focusing on my own work which I’d like to  introduce to the Berlin art public. However, in the course of the year, there will be shows of other artists at the Odalisque.


Citron Variations are mainly works I’ve produced in recent months in my studio adjacent to the showroom. Since my shift away from performance art and turning towards the visual arts from1997 onwards, one of my continuous artistic practices has been in the field of collage. In Citron Variations, new elements such as cut-up drawings and photo-material have been used for my collages. 

Joining visual fragments in such a way that they become a whole, a composition which feels ‚right’, is a sort of embodied work-practice for me. 

There is rather more a sense of following the process than an intentional logic at work. My eyes are telling my body when something ‚fits’ together. Using citron yellow in all its shades and variants in combination with the colour black has emerged as a dominant colour element for this work-group. 


In the photo-series with the neon yellow stripes contrasting sharply with the architectural spaces, I’ve emphasized the serial rhythm of the two elements which appear as collages, but in fact are not.

As a matter of fact, each workgroup on each of the three walls has a serial character. 


April 2021

Photoprints ‚neonyello’

4 images, 90 x 65 cm each edition of 3 +2 A.P.; unframed

Photo-Collages I-III, o.T. 60 x 80 cm

Photo-Collage IV, o.T. 50 x 70 cm

Drawing-Collages I & II 60 x 80 cm each

Drawing-Collages III & IV 50 x 70 cm

All photos © Andrea Morein 2007-2023, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Andrea Morein, born 1950 in Vienna, back in Berlin after working in Tel Aviv, Java, Amsterdam & Cologne. Interdisciplinary artist & curator with a focus on embodied arts, collage, photography, gestural drawing. She examines how personal experience of one's history can be expanded & embedded in a broader context of community and historicity. Other aspects of her artistic practice is the visual transcription of literary texts and the exploration of the interconnectedness in spatial relationships.


Exhibition practice since 1997, including the Jewish Museum Vienna, Art Museum Bochum, Roman-Germanic Museum, Cologne, Kibbutz Gallery & Artists House Tel Aviv, Museolaboratorio, Citta S. Angelo, Frauenmuseum Bonn. Foundation of the showroom ODALISQUE, Berlin in 2020.

2021 curation and participation in the group exhibition 'M-bodi-ment-A' in the project space of the Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin.