After Poetry

Andrea Morein

After Poetry – Photography & Collages

Continuation of Work-cycles about F. Kafka and J. Brodskij

5 January – 5 February, 2022

This small retrospective puts a selection of earlier works relating to Kafka and Brodsky in relation to current developments: they show the formal and content-related expansion of the original themes. New series of photo collages from parts of the original photographs result in completely new readings, freer interpretation of the visual elements and thus a different view on works from earlier years.


The dyptich 'Shoot, Kafka, Shoot! Was originally part of  the 'messiah project' work cycle from 2016. This has now resulted in a series of photo fragments that break down the visual structure of the original motif into atmospheric sections.


The Mixed Media Collages, each containing a photo fragment as the central motif created from a series of  poems by Brodsky (2009), have been transformed into an unreal spatiality by means of 'added' paper triangles. The original photo series was later titled 'Architecture of Memory'.


Andrea Morein

Shoot Kafka Shoot!, 2016

Photo-diptych on Dibont, 60 x 80 each(edition 3/3) 


Kafka-revisited, 2021, 2 photo-fragments, 60 x 42 cm  


When darkness hits the light…,2021

Mixed media collage, 60 x 40 cm 


…How perspectives change with time!  #1-3, 2021

Mixed Media Collages, 50 x 70cm 

All photos © Andrea Morein 2007-2023, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Andrea Morein, born 1950 in Vienna, back in Berlin after working in Tel Aviv, Java, Amsterdam & Cologne. Interdisciplinary artist & curator with a focus on embodied arts, collage, photography, gestural drawing. She examines how personal experience of one's history can be expanded & embedded in a broader context of community and historicity. Other aspects of her artistic practice is the visual transcription of literary texts and the exploration of the interconnectedness in spatial relationships.


Exhibition practice since 1997, including the Jewish Museum Vienna, Art Museum Bochum, Roman-Germanic Museum, Cologne, Kibbutz Gallery & Artists House Tel Aviv, Museolaboratorio, Citta S. Angelo, Frauenmuseum Bonn. Foundation of the showroom ODALISQUE, Berlin in 2020.

2021 curation and participation in the group exhibition 'M-bodi-ment-A' in the project space of the Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin.